Pharmacy Career...

How to get the job

Covering everything you need to know to become a pharmaceutical sales rep.

Where do I begin? It's the first step and I'll show you how to get off on the right foot.

Overview of different pharmaceutical companies proves that each pharmaceutical sales company is different in terms of salary and benefits. Why not go for the best? Where to find the current job openings so you'll know where to send your resume which means your resumes will be seen by more recruiters and pharmaceutical sales managers! Getting that 1st interview gives you the opportunity to impress the pharmaceutical sales manager and use the techniques I teach you to get to the next round! Preparing for your interview will help you understand the differences between a pharmaceutical sales interview and a regular job interview.

Interview process

This is very important and you'll know what to expect while your competition won't. The interview process is almost always the same no matter what pharmaceutical sales company you interview with. Some or shorter than others but the overall process remains the same. You will have all your bases covered after this chapter to be prepared for any company.

Now for the good part, Close The Deal. Get An Offer. Start an exciting career in pharmaceutical sales that will bring you more happiness than you even imagined. The rewards are far more reaching than just the money and flexibility!

Here are a few of the many topics that are covered:

Typical pharmaceutical sales interview questions that I have been asked and how to answer them better than your competition.

Resume keywords for pharmaceutical sales jobs that scan well and put you resumes at "the top of the stack."

A current pharmaceutical company directory with links is a real time saver.

What pharmaceutical sales managers are looking for in your resume and cover letter that make it stand out.

What pharmaceutical reps earn as a rookie and what you can expect to earn in the future.

Specific qualifications that pharmaceutical companies are looking for.

Typical day of a pharmaceutical sales representative will help you understand why they say this job is so flexible.

How to handle the phone interview.This is one of the easiest parts to master.

Reasons why most people fail and continue to do all the wrong things.

And many other proven POWERFUL techniques that work!